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This FAQ will help you solve most of problems with AvP2 with MSP 2.3.x

Q: Game crashes on FONTS error..

A: This is not often problem, but sometimes it may happen, especially on Windows 10 system. Usually you can fix this problem by installing game out of default Program Files folder. Path for installing should be something like C:/Games/AvP2 and so on.

Q: My game is lagging more than usually..

A: Try write in Windows command line (cmd) "ipconfing /flushdns" - it will clear your DNS cache and find better router host. If this did not help, try find problem in your computer (downloading updates or unnecessary files). If problems are connected still to one of community servers, contact our support. Also have in mind that server is maybe hosted far from your country so may you have worse latency. Try choose server located closer to you.

Q: I got error "ERROR in CGameClientShell::OnEngineInitialized()

Couldn't initialize InterfaceMgr! You may have corrupt or missing resources. Common files to check are 'autoexec.cfg', 'default.prf', and necessary art resources"

A: Mostly helps if you only try launch SinglePlayer campaign and next time launch MultiPlayer internet. Game on some systems need to create Player Profile to run MP.

Q: I can not see servers online or I see only few of them..

A: If you have this problem in-game, it is maybe caused by bad using filter. On the bottom of server list table you can filter servers by version, ping and so on. To be sure you can connect to each visible server we reccomend using filter for version (choose actual MSP). If you want join modded server and you have mods applied in you game, you must choose "any" in filter to see servers using mods like UMP2, AJL, PayBack time.

If you have problem in network client or on Master Server website, just type in command line in windows "ipconfig /flushdns".

Q: Where I can find game version I have?

A:  In bottom right corner you can find game version number. You should see (vanilla patch) and also Master Server patch X.X.X - if you are not sure that you have lastest version, download it HERE.

Q: My predator/alien vision modes is black/not working correctly..

A: You can simply fix this problems by typing "invertbypass" command into game console (on server tick ~/; tiddle button and open console)

Q: Screen flashing while taking damage is buggy..

A: You can simply fix this problem by type "flashfix" into game console (on server tick ~/; tiddle button and open console)

Q: I receive "some game ressources are different from server" when i try join the game..

A: There is several possibilites cause this problem, first is custom mods on server (like AJL or PROJAM) this mod change CLIENT SHELL DLL and some crc of attribute files, you need just coresponding mod to join the game (you can check on, in modded servers detail is direct links to download missing content). Second reason you can receive this error message is that server is not running CURRENT master server patch, choose another server. If you still have problems connect to servers, please CONTACT US!

Q: When i join to server, i am in observe mode and i can not respawn.

A: If you join EVAC server, you must wait till next round, server app will respawn you automaticaly. If you joined RANKED SERVER - there is DISABLED using of any custom content like PLAYER SKINS, WORLD TEXTURES, WEAPON SKINS (to keep RANKED playing safe), you must just remove custom .REZ files from your command line. (if you keep receive this error after removed all custom content from game, please make sure you using ENGLISH version of game - some game versions like Italian have modified some world textures like signs on walls)

Q: Can I play Aliens vs. Predator 2 game on MAC?

A: Yes, you can! There is useful tutorial with informations you need! Click HERE.

Q: Game crashes on error "Could not initialize font in HUDMgr, can I fix it?

A: This happens while server is changing map and user in in windows (on desktop). This problem can be fixed when you type in console (; button) "fullscreenrender".

Q: How I can change my nickname in-game?

A: When you go in Multiplayer internet section in table "Player" you can set your new nickname. On some server you are able to change your nickname by command sended to chat " YourNewName".

Q: I have new operating system and have some compatibility issue..

A: Sometimes may help some tips from THIS tutorial.

Q: Does AvP2 work on 64-bit systems?

A: Yes, this game works on all 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Q: My game have problem to start-up Multiplayer/Singleplayer..

A: In this case is highly reccomended try run game in another compatibility mode (WIN XP SP2 or WIN7) and try also run game/.exe file as admin. AvP2.exe launch file is for SingePlayer, Lithtech.exe is for MultiPlayer. We also reccomend in case of this problem check if you have game allowed in firewall.

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