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Multiplayer - Marines

Here will be informations and hints to playing Marine species online. Soon



Harrison is main person of Marines. His main weapon is smartgun with autoaiming function. This gun will automatically aim also on cloaked Predators because it reacts on body heat. Harrison is good for mid-range combats or close combat figts because his main weapon has limmited range for auto-aim.


is main sniper of Marines. He carry sniper rifle as main weapon and also grenadelauncher for each kind of situation. Ichiro is good for long range fights and also thanks to grenadelauncher for corridors and mid-range combat.


Her main weapon is pulse rifle (with mounted grenadelauncher) and she also carries flamethrower for close combat fights. She is good for corridor maps and mid-range combats.


The only black guy in the game and also the only one who carries deadly rocket launcher weapon as main weapon. This rocket launcher has also (on some servers not) auto-aimed rockets able to aim cloaked predators. Use of this guy depends if he has these auto-aimed rockets active. If yes, he is very good for long range combats without any weapon deadzone. If not, he is better for close/mid-range combats.

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