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Singleplayer - Predator

In November 2211, the Predator arrived on the planet Aurora, and discovers an early Weyland-Yutani research camp placed there. He stalked the Marines stationed there, killing many of them and skinning them alive. The last Marine, Cpl. Rykov, tried to escape the camp, but the Predator shot him with the plasma burst in the back, causing him to fall several stories below and to heavily damage his spine, paralyzing his both legs. However, Rykov survived the injuries, crawled back to the base pack, and was evacuated by the medical team and returned to Earth for medical treatment.

In December 2230, 19 years after the events, and about 6 days after the incident in the POC, the lone Predator, ranked an Elite, arrives on LV-1201 with two clan members for a 'hunt', but their ship is noticed by Rykov himself, who is now a mercenary general and private defense contractor of the Iron Bears, with his hatred for the Predators. After a quick human slaughter and a meeting with some of his other clan mates, who provide him with new weaponry, the Predator discovers his two clan mates have been captured by the Iron Bears. Pursuing the mercenaries into the Forward Observation Pods, the Predator eventually succumbs to experimental elctro-magnetic pulse grenades which render his equipment useless and result in his capture.

Rykov places the Predator in a lab where it remains in stasis for over six weeks. It is revealed that this Predator is responsible for Rykov's injuries and his burning desire for revenge. Saved from being impregnated with a Xenomorph and inadvertently released by Corporal Harrison, the Predator, despite being infected with several human diseases, powers through a horde of humans, reclaims his equipment and sets off in pursuit of General Rykov.

After a dramatic escape aboard a dropship, the Predator fights through the Alien infested caves and tunnels beneath the pods and eventually manages to signal his clan using human technology to broadcast the signal to them. The Predator clan promptly arrive and re-arm the Predator, who then sets off to finish Rykov, as he realizes that he is the man who escaped from him 19 years ago.

Following Rykov, now encased in an Exosuit, deep into the Xenomorph Hive, the Predator fights his way into the heart of the Hive for a climatic battle with General Rykov. Overcoming his enemy, the Predator rips through Rykov's body, and claims his spine as his trophy after 19 years of chase, and meeting with other clan mates, departing from LV-1201.

In a final cut scene, the USS Verloc is seen departing LV-1201 with the surviving Colonial Marines and Harrison. As it heads into deep space, the Predators can be seen stalking the ship in their own sleek battleship, chasing their next 'hunt'.

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