Players in-game now 0, most players in-game 27 (SERVER LIST)
Server time: 2018/12/12 06:00:30


Those TURDS (we all know about who im talking about) reported domain to US Nexus (national domain registrant) with bullshits and lies like on site is "stolen content", from IP linked with this domain come some "DDOS" attacks and they have "logs as proof", domain was rechecked by Nexus staff and because i am not US citizen, there is real possibility of shut down this domain name. (all those bullshits and lies is screened several lines under this announcement).

Because there is serious risk of lost domain name, i moved everything important into another domains..


MAIN master server patch site is (my original mod site adress), master server has been updated to announce on adress "", also i release MSP UPDATE that fixing this problem.. If you wish continue playing on 2.3.4, please download and run MSP FIXER-> - this small file update your HOSTS in Windows System32 folder to redirect "" forcibly to his IP, and your game and client will continue work normally. Currently i set update as OPTIONAL, but when PTS and SpyderNet servers beign updated with Maszter Server Patch FINAL, i will make this update "required" in master server update process.


SERVER OWNERS: copy and paste REZ files and EXE file to your server directory.. Thats all. Your server will be 2.3.5 - FINAL.

Updated Rommie's mod will come soon (i will release you current PTS build without Ranked features)

I must rly thank to those idiots, ofc i have alot of free time for this pointless kidwar, but okay, as you wish, next strike will come from my side.


Happy hunting!



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