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Server time: 2018/12/12 06:01:21

RANKED servers comming soon!

Hello AvP2 players! 

We are happy that we can announce you, that we are developing RANKED server system. This system will gather player stats which will be visible in-game and also on website. Displayed stats will contain kills/deaths ratio, headshots, best killing spree session, % of hits (accuracy), time played total, round wins and much more! At this moment is RANKED server system in phase of testing now counting only player kills - when we will be sure about stability and functionallity, it will be released officitaly with additional stats. If you want be tester too and help us with development, join server in-game. Who will be best player? Who will be TOP in his class? 

Server name: - RANKED server [D] [R] [P] (server is PURE version, so you can not use any mods)

More information about server you can find HERE.
Testing stats are visible HERE.

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